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Opportunities to Grow Your Career in Transportation

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With so many options, a career in transportation is a smart step for you no matter what stage you are in. At Averitt, we have multiple opportunities to help you fine-tune your skills!

Early Career Opportunities in Transportation

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Dock-to-Driver Program

Leadership Development

Part-Time Internships

Get paid to work on the dock while learning the skills to earn your CDL. 

3-6 month training program designed to prepare trainees for an entry-level leadership opportunity with Averitt.  

Learn about the diverse services we provide while exploring various aspects of the supply chain management cycle.  


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What Veteran CDL-A Drivers Would Tell the Next Generation

What Veteran CDL-A Drivers Would Tell the Next Generation

With years of priceless experience, our associates showcase plenty of skill behind the wheel. And beyond that, they’re always ready to help a fellow professional driver create the best career for themselves. We’re proud to further that mission by being a sponsor of Next Gen Trucking, a nonprofit that builds up and engages the next generation of professional drivers. To do our part in creating a bright future for the truck driving industry, our veteran associates gave us their best pieces of advice for building a great career in the driver’s seat. 

Conquer the Basics

“It doesn’t matter how many years you do it, you’ll learn something new every trip!” 

“Stay focused.” 

“Be a truck driver, not a steering wheel holder.” 

“Don’t ever panic. Slow down and take care of your equipment.” 

Safety as a Priority

“Don’t drive distracted. Turn off your phone before you roll.” 

“Always do your pre-trip.” 

“Remember safety first. Don’t get in the habit of tailgating. Take your time; you’ll get to your destination on time with proper planning. Always look ahead, be aware of your surroundings, and check your mirrors regularly.” 

“Back in slowly. It will never take as much money to back in slowly as it will to fix what you hit backing in quickly.” 

“If in doubt, G.O.A.L., when safe to do so.” 

“Drive to arrive.” 

“If everyone drove like you did, it would be safer and much better on the roads! Thank you for your service.” 

Find Good Leadership and Learn from Fellow Drivers

“Stay with a good company.” 

“If you’re serious about driving, find a company like Averitt that values their people.” 

“Get with a company that has good benefits.” 

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re not comfortable doing something, ask for help.” 

“Just an old man’s opinion… Talk to the ones who have been doing it for years and doing it RIGHT.” 

“Be as good as the one before you.” 

“Take the advice from the professionals and try to improve upon it. Your profession is such a vital part of what keeps America great.” 

Put Respect First

“Be courteous and consider others on the road.” 

“Build a good reputation.” 

“Take pride in everything you do. If you have pride, you will always do your best.” 

“Respect the truck.” 

“Be professional.” 

“Don’t let your emotions rule your actions.” 

“Be nice to each other and help each other out.” 

Take Care of Yourself

“Never drive outside your comfort zone.” 

“Be better today than yesterday.” 

“Pride yourself on being a good driver.” 

“You will make mistakes… learn from them.” 

“Keep on trucking.” 

Thank you to all our associates who chimed in and offered this invaluable advice. We wouldn’t be who we are without your skill, professionalism, and dedication.   

Are you ready to start a lifelong, rewarding career? Learn more about the opportunities with us today! 

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