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If you're looking for top pay packages, Averitt has what you're looking for, and then some.

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Top Benefits

We think we have the best team in the world, and we set up our benefits to show it.

Top Benefits

Top Equipment

Professional equipment with state-of-the-art safety tech for our driving force.

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100+ safe, secure facilities in 21 states. Your home away from home.

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Training for your Career

Need some guidance to step up to your future goals? We can help.
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Who is Averitt?

A 50+year company of professional, caring associates

Our Story

A career opportunity over 50 years in the making. Through it all, Averitt has been growing and thriving.

Our 50+ Year Story


Our culture of professionalism and giving is part of who we are on a deep level.

Our Culture

Over 20 Team

Nearly 17% of our teammates have found a home at Averitt for 20 years or longer. 

Over 20 Team

Averitt Giving

We believe in generously giving back to the communities we serve.

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Setting the professional standard in the transportation industry. Red looks good on us!

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Come learn some of the ways Averitt is making a difference in our communities and for our planet.

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Watch, read and learn about life at Averitt and on the road.

Life on the Road (BLOG)

Averitt's blog about Life on the Road, with tips and experiences from real team members.
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Check out our video library to hear from actual associates and drivers about their experiences at Averitt.
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News about new developments at Averitt, including services, facilities, policies and personnel.
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Whether your last day serving was yesterday or a decade ago, you've earned the right to be at ease.

Averitt Salutes You

Whether you’re current or former military, there’s a place for you on the Averitt team.
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Military Friendly

Averitt has been named as a Military Friendly Employer in an independent survey.
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No matter where you are, there's a perfect place for you at Averitt.

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We care about our communities and our planet

From the sustainabile business choices we make to our team's charitable work in our communities, you won't find a team more committed to responsible decisions than the Averitt team. Come learn just some of the ways we are making a difference every day.

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Winner's Circle Podcast: Our Culture Defines Our Team

Watch as LTL Operations Leader and Host of the Winner's Circle Amos Rogan talks with President Barry Blakely about Averitt's culture, stability, and growth opportunities.

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What Makes Averitt Different?

For over 50 years, Averitt has been creating a culture where associates feel like they are making a difference and helping others. Here are just a few reasons why Averitt drivers have found their forever home.

Get Miles & Get Home

At Averitt, our entire team is working to get you home. 93% of our regional drivers are home by noon on Saturdays and average 48+ hours at home each week. Local drivers and some dedicated drivers are home daily.

Secure Facilities

100+ service centers strategically placed to provide convenient & secure parking in 21 states, many with on-site fuel, wash bays, showers, laundry and driver support centers. It's your home away from home

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Top Equipment

Professional equipment with state-of-the-art safety technology and 100% automatic transmissions for our driving force.

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Driver Support

With an army of dedicated driver support contacts, drivers can count on a team that has your back to help you succeed.

More Than a Paycheck

Averitt is more than a paycheck. It's a family - a culture where people and their worth have true value. Get started now in finding your place at Averitt.

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Transfer Between Divisions

Drivers have the option to transfer locations or divisions - Regional, Dedicated, Flatbed, Local - when your situation requires and opportunities arise. 

Great Benefits

We think we have the best team in the world, and we set up our benefits to show it.

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Promotion From Within

If you're looking to advance, from dock to driving to leadership and everything in between, there is no limit at Averitt.

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Over 20 Team

Over 17% of our workforce has been at Averitt for 20+ years. They've all found a place worth staying. Is Averitt right for you?

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Averitt has 100+ facilities with safe, secure parking and openings for driving, dock, mechanic, and admin positions in multiple states!
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I've been with Averitt for 19 years. That entire time, they've always been by my side. They have never let me down!
Darrell Wooten
Team Shuttle Driver // 24-Year Team Member
As the years progressed, I got comfortable with what I was doing, the great people I was working with. Everybody knew me by name, not by a number. And, they treat you just like family.... And I didn't want to leave the family. It's been an awesome experience.
William Watson Over 20-1
William Watson
Regional Driver Trainer // 22-Year Team Member
I like the stability. When the economy got slow, we kept working. These days, you never know, but I feel secure here at Averitt.
Randy Dunn Averitt Maintenance-1
Randy Duke
Maintenance Associate // 36-Year Team Member
“Everything Averitt says they’re going to do, they do. A lot of places say things to get you in the door, but once you’re there they have amnesia. Not here.”
Yonda Thompson-1
Yonda Thompson
Truckload Driver // 3-Year Team Member
"I get approached all the time, at fuel stops, you name it. And I let people know the benefits of working with Averitt. Between the pay, the benefits, and being home every night (or in his case, day) I haven’t seen any company do it better.”
Devin Rackley-1
Devin Rackley
Dedicated Driver Trainer // 12-Year Team Member
Jesus went to driving school to find his freedom on the road. While there, he heard about Averitt and signed on. But he was still restless. “I took a break for one year. Went to another company. But there’s no place like Averitt, so I came back.” A decision urged by those closest to him. “My kids, they knew Averitt was a good company. When I quit, they said ‘you need to go back.’” Shortly after returning, he brought on a team member from the company he’d been with for a year. “I used to talk about Averitt all the time. So once I was back, he called me.” And they’ve both been here ever since.
Jesus Basilio-1
Jesus Basilio
Dedicated Driver // 11-Year Team Member
Prior to joining Averitt, he briefly drove with another company. But he soon realized it wasn’t a fit. “They’d tell you one thing, then do the other. But with Averitt, if they say you’re going to get a certain number of miles a week, you get those miles. No matter what.”
Andres Garcia-1
Andres Garcia
Dedicated Driver // 4-Year Team Member
“I feel appreciated, and they treat me well. I’m known by a name, not a number. You feel like you belong. You feel like you’re loved.”
Brandi Scott
Brandi Scott
City Driver // 4-Year Team Member
“I checked Averitt out. They had good trucks… good equipment… so I called ‘em up.” And he’s had no reason to regret the decision. In fact, a phrase you’ll hear from him often in describing his experience is “top of the line” – which covers everything from the equipment, to the customers, to his fleet manager.
Rafael Sierra-1
Rafael Sierra
Regional Driver // 3-Year Team Member
When asked for some of the things that have contributed to his longevity with Averitt, he’s quick to answer. “It’s the way they treat their drivers. They really help you out.” Like the time he was called for jury duty, and had to phone in to the courthouse every day to learn whether or not he had to appear. “I told my fleet manager, and he set me up on a lot of short runs, so I wouldn’t just be sitting around,” he says. “I really appreciated that.”
Douglas Garrett-1
Douglas Garrett
Regional Driver // 16-Year Team Member
He recommends Averitt “because they’ve been good to me.” And he knows that feeling is shared by others. “I’ll give you an example. I was driving one Saturday down I-40 in Tennessee, just minding my own business. And a guy in a black Honda rolls up beside me, honks the horn, flashes his Averitt badge, and heads on down the road. He was just saying, ‘Hey, man, I appreciate you.’ And I thought that was really cool.”
Ben Barnett-1
Ben Barnett
Regional Driver // 7-Year Team Member
“You feel almost like you’re part of the family. Everyone around you cares…cares about your opinion and how you feel. I hear horror stories of drivers at other companies who are just treated like a number.It’s not like that here. It’s very special.”
Bob Jones-1
Bob Jones
Shuttle Driver // U.S. Veteran // 22-Year Team Member
“I’m very proud to be a driver here. Makes me stick my chest out a bit.” “The people I work with are wonderful. That goes for Leadership too.They talk to you with respect. And that means a lot. I love the people I work around. If it wasn’t a good job, I’d already be gone!”
Robert Brown-1
Robert Brown
Dedicated Driver // 21-Year Team Member
One of his favorite parts of working with Averitt is that “it’s constantly growing, and there’s a family-like atmosphere where the associates are always building on each other. There’s always room for growth.”
Chris Attkisson-1
Chris Attkisson
Frontline Leader // U.S. Veteran // 4-Year Team Member
“I get asked a lot how it is here. The pay and benefits are good, and the people you work with are excellent. There’s nothing you can’t ask them for. That’s what I like about Averitt. Everybody tries to help each other out, and that’s what it’s all about.”
Dave Clark-1
Dave Clark
Regional Driver // 9-Year Team Member
“I like the fact that the company takes pride in the way we look. The customers appreciate it. I like it too. And the red and gray don’t show dirt as easily!”
Rick Tetrault-1
Rick Tetreault
Regional Driver // 15-Year Team Member
“It’s a family-oriented place. You become close-knit. It’s the kind of place where everybody’s in a good mood. The work is getting done, and you know that if you need help there won’t be a problem. I tell people that, and they say ‘wow, man… that’s alright!’”
Darryl Benton-2
Darryl Benton
Dock Associate // 29-Year Team Member
“To see people that work on the dock, who get everything together and get those drivers out on the road, to see how dispatch keeps everything moving, how well everyone works together as a group, I thought ‘wow, these people really put forth a team effort to get the job done. That’s what I want to be a part of.’”
Patricia Justice
Patricia Justice
Shuttle Driver // 9-Year Team Member
One of the main differences she’s noticed between Averitt and her former employer revolves around communication with leadership. “They don’t keep to themselves… they make themselves known. And they know you by your first name. They make you feel welcomed. It feels more like being part of a family than being an employee. And being a new hire, there’s always help to be had. Everyone says ‘if you need anything, if there’s anything I can help with, don’t be afraid to ask.’ To me, Averitt really does live up to the slogan of the Power of One – because everybody really does help. It’s not just everyone for themselves.”
LaShawn Clark-1
LaShawn Clark
City Driver // 1-Year Team Member
“I’d see the trucks on the street and think ‘that’s some nice equipment.’ You see some of these other companies’ trucks on the road and think ‘man, that thing could’ve been in Smokey and the Bandit. Are you serious?’ But with Averitt, they’re always clean and modern.” And the uniform helped seal the deal. “That capped it off for me, you know? Just as a company… it looks professional. It presents a really good image.”
Audrea Brimah-1-1
Audrea Brimah
Frontline Leader // 3-Year Team Member
“I actually feel bad for a lot of guys out there, you know? If you’re at the wrong company, you’re probably not going to get anywhere. So I tell them what a good company Averitt is to work for. For so many reasons… like not having to drive around looking for a place to sleep at night, because there’s always a service center near your delivery destination.”
Lu Tran
Lu Tran
Shuttle Driver // 8-Year Team Member

A Career That Goes On For miles

Being an Averitt associate is far more than just a weekly paycheck. The benefits go on and on.

That's why over 1,350 of our associates have been with Averitt over 20 years.

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