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Averitt is a premier carrier with top-notch perks

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If you're looking for top pay packages, Averitt has what you're looking for, and then some.

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Top Benefits

We think we have the best team in the world, and we set up our benefits to show it.

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Professional equipment with state-of-the-art safety tech for our driving force.

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100+ safe, secure facilities in 21 states. Your home away from home.

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Training for your Career

Need some guidance to step up to your future goals? We can help.
We offer several training programs custom-tailored to your experience level.
Student Training
Have post-9/11 GI Bill funds available? Averitt has great training benefits.
GI Bill Opportunities
Start on the dock and our experienced trainers will help you earn your CDL-A.
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A 50-year company of professional, caring associates

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A career opportunity 50 years in the making. Through it all, Averitt has been growing and thriving. Here's why.

Averitt's 50 Year Story


Our culture of professionalism and giving is part of who we are on a deep level.

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Over 20 Team

Nearly 15% of our teammates have found a home at Averitt for 20 years or longer. 

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We believe in generously giving back to the communities we serve.

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Setting the professional standard in the transportation industry. Red looks good on us!

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Watch, read and learn about life at Averitt and on the road.

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Averitt's blog about Life on the Road, with tips and experiences from real team members.
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Check out our video library to hear from actual associates and drivers about their experiences at Averitt.
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News about new developments at Averitt, including services, facilities, policies and personnel.
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Averitt Salutes You

Whether your last day serving was yesterday or a decade ago, you've earned the right to be at ease.

Averitt Salutes You

Whether you’re current or former military, there’s a place for you on the Averitt team.
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1200 by 2020

Averitt set and achieved our goal of hiring 1,200 veterans before the year 2020.
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Military Friendly

Averitt has been named as a Military Friendly Employer in an independent survey.
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GI Bill

Have post-9/11 GI Bill funds available? Averitt has great training benefits.
GI Bill Opportunities

Averitt Salutes You

You've earned the right to be at ease


Calling All Service Men and Women

We salute those of you who’ve proudly worn our nation’s colors. The men and women who serve our country make big sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy. At Averitt, we believe that every veteran deserves to work with a company that values their experience and the unique skills they bring to the table. Whether you’re current or former military, or whether your last day serving was yesterday or a decade ago, there’s a place for you on our team.


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If you’re a military veteran and are considering your options for what to do next, a career with Averitt may be exactly what you need. If you already have your CDL-A from the military or are working toward your CDL-A with one of our approved driving schools, you can start driving for us with as little as 1-6 weeks of training.

Your qualifying military experience could also make you eligible for a waiver to apply for a CDL without skills testing. Simply complete this form and provide it when you apply for your CDL.

If you don’t have a CDL, we can help you find a school and offer a $4,800 tuition assistance reimbursement.

Learn more about GI Bill Training Opportunities


Averitt recognized as Military-Friendly Employer

Averitt Express was recently recognized in a national survey as a Military Friendly Company for its commitment to military veterans.

Learn why Averitt is Military Friendly

"My brother was working at Averitt, and suggested I give it a try. I did, and I've been here ever since." Starting as a Truckload driver, he moved around between various other roles before landing as a city driver. He also appreciates the team mentality. "With Averitt you have the security of knowing you're part of a family. That you're going to be taken care of. If you come here to pursue a careers, it's here for you."
R.G. 1
R.G. Albro
City Driver // Army 24 Years // Averitt Since 2007
After four years with the Marines, where he served as a corporal in an infantry unit, Doug started at Averitt working on the dock part time. His other part-time job was driving a city bus. But an offer to drive full time for Averitt led him to the place he's called home for 30 years. In that time, he's seen a lot of changes. But also a lot of teamwork.
Doug 1
Doug Lawrence
City Driver // Marine Corps 4 Years // Averitt since 1989
"I saw there was a position open and thought it might be something I could do. My first thought was, 'I'll just get in here until I find something else.' But once I got here and saw how the company was run, I ended up staying. When you have a company that cares about their associates, it makes a difference."
Carla 1
Carla Guyton
Freight Clerk // Army 6 Years (including Reserve) // Averitt Since 2004
"Both my dad and granddad were truck drivers. They told me, 'it's always gonna put food on the table.' So I gave it a shot. And I kind of fell in love with it." In his time with Averitt, he's done everything from Truckload, to shuttle, to city driver. He's also worked the dock, which is a topic close to his heart. "I hear from so many other companies that it's the dock workers against the drivers... or management against the drivers... so many people going against each other. And I tell 'em where I work, people actually care. They have a heart."
Tim 1
Tim Smith
City Driver // Marine Corps 8 Years // Averitt Since 2014
“When I got out of the service I started working for another carrier. Then they went on strike, so I went job hunting. I knew a guy that had worked at Averitt years ago who told me it was a good company. So I got an interview, came back for a second interview, and was working within the week. That was August of 1998.” When asked the reason behind his longevity with one company, his answer is clear. “It’s the culture. I’m a military guy. I come from a military family. And there’s a real sense of uniformity here. It’s very professional on down the line – from service center directors, to operations managers, to frontline leaders.” But that’s only part of the story. “Averitt’s been really good to me and my family. When I started, we were right in the middle of having our first child. And everyone was really flexible. So I started working my way through the ranks. I drove the forklift, then worked in the yard, then got into leadership. I love it.”
Ty 1
Ty Moore
Frontline Leader // Air Force 4 years // Averitt Since 1998
“When I got out of high school, I joined the Marine Corps. Served four years. Then after that I joined the police department. Retired as a detective.” But that wasn’t the end of his uniform-wearing days. “When you’re in the service, uniformity is really important. Same with the police department. And one of the reasons I chose Averitt is because the approach here is close to how I felt with those two organizations. I came down, saw how the trucks were nice and neat, saw how everyone was wearing the same uniform. That’s what I was looking for.” But outward appearances only go so far. What really keeps Dale engaged on a daily basis are the people he works with. “The people here are very friendly. They go the extra mile to try to help you. And they work with you if you have any kind of situation that you might need help with. They’re very cooperative.”
Dale 1
Dale Waltower
City Driver // Marine Corps 4 Years // Averitt Since 2012
“I joined the Army straight out of high school. I was a mechanic at first, which was great. But when you get higher in rank, things change. So I outlined three goals for myself – move to Special Operations, make first sergeant, and become a jumpmaster (an expert-level paratrooper). And I accomplished all three." “When I was getting ready to retire from the Army, they offered a program for people to get their CDL. I signed up and took the course. One of my instructors used to work for Averitt, and we became good friends. He took me down to the Averitt yard, and I saw how everything was run. I saw the equipment, I talked to some of the drivers, and it was a no-brainer who I was gonna work for once I got out of the military.”
Paul 1
Paul Bratcher
Regional Driver // Army 26 Years // Averitt Since 2019
Even in the Army, Glen’s time revolved around trucking. “I drove heavy equipment when I was in the service over in Europe. All told, I’ve been driving a truck for 40 years on two continents.” But Averitt wasn’t his first stop after returning to civilian life. “At one time I’d thought about coming here, but someone offered me what I thought was a better deal. It wasn’t. Then one day a relative of mine pointed out an ad for Averitt in the paper. And I said ‘hey, that’s where I’m going.’” He drove with Averitt until 2004, when a medical event changed the course of both his life and career. “It was a grand mal seizure. I’d never been sick a day in my life, and one day the whole right side of my brain just shut off. I was unconscious for three days. The hardest part was waking up and having them say, ‘well, don’t freak out, but your career is over as a driver.’ That was hard to take. But Averitt took care of me when I got sick. They were there. People came to see me, they helped me out. When I came back, they put me in a new non-driving position." He appreciates the team mentality he sees on a daily basis. “I’ve got a good team on the yard. We work really good together. We’re constantly communicating with each other. Everybody helps each other out.”
Glen 1
Glen Barber
Dock Associate // Army 6 Years // Averitt Since 1996
After years in the Navy, she jumped around a bit – going to college for a degree in graphic arts, working in a hospital as a radiology transporter, even working as a welder – before finding her current career. “All told, I’ve been a truck driver for over 15 years.” The last several of which have been right here at Averitt. One of the things that stands out to her most is the appreciation for the uniform she sees among her fellow associates. “The drivers I know take pride in what they wear. Some even iron the creases in the sleeves, you know? That’s a big thing for me – to see people who take that kind of pride in a uniform. Because I take pride in what I look like too.”
Mary 1
Mary Cason
Dedicated Driver // Navy 4 Years // Averitt Since 2014
Moving to Atlanta after leaving the Army, Joe found himself looking for employment. “I put an application in to the police department. And when I did, I saw an advertisement for Averitt. I started working part-time on the dock, and when the Atlanta police department called I told them I already had a job. Because I was really liking the company. I liked where they were headed.” He liked it so much, in fact, that he’s been here almost 30 years. “It’s about the people that you work with every day. We’re like a family over here. We look out after each other. Same way you do in the military. It’s not like a job where you just ‘show up.’ I wouldn’t know what to do without my family here at Averitt.”
Joe 1
Joe Fouty
City Driver // Army 4 Years // Averitt Since 1992



CDL-A driving not what you're looking for? Not a problem.

Let us make your transition to civilian life a smooth one with these other career opportunities:

See All Open Positions and Apply


GI Bill Driver Training Program

  • If you qualify for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you are eligible to get up to 12 monthly payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs while you receive on-the-job training.

  • Everyone participating in this program will receive 6 weeks of behind-the-wheel training at $800-$1,000/week. During the remaining 46 weeks you will work with a mentor and leadership for follow-up training/communication.

  • Eligible drivers will complete all required paperwork during orientation. Benefit checks are paid directly from the VA, not Averitt, usually 4-6 weeks after training begins.

  • Eligible to earn up to $1,140 per month tax free using your available Post-9/11 GI Bill funds PLUS your weekly Averitt paycheck PLUS up to $4,800 tuition/transition bonus from Averitt (paid weekly)!

Learn more about GI Bill Training Opportunities


GI Bill Driver Training Program Qualifications

Must have graduated from one of our approved truck driving schools in the past 180 days OR have any tractor-trailer experience (military driving experience considered) in the past 10 years (recruiter will review eligibility).

  • Must have Class-A CDL and be at least 21 years old
  • Must have Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits available
  • Must meet all qualifications outlined in our driving application

During your year of training, your pay will be as follows (depending on specific account):

Dedicated GI Bill Driver Training Program (select accounts):
  • $800-$1,000/week for weeks 1 through 5
  • For our dedicated flex driving positions, after training you will start at the student pay listed on the individual job description 
  • For all other dedicated driving positions, after training you will start at the pay rate for the individual account listed on the job descriptions

Benefits that go on for miles

Averitt is a premier carrier with top-notch perks

Top Benefits

We think we have the best team in the world, and we set up our benefits to show it.

Top Benefits

Top Equipment

Professional equipment with state-of-the-art safety tech for our driving force.

See the Fleet

Top Facilities

100+ safe, secure facilities in 21 states. Your home-away-from-home.

Facility Network


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Averitt Surpasses Goal to Hire 1,200 Veterans by 2020

After making the pledge in 2016 to hire an additional 1,200 veterans by 2020, the company officially completed its 1,200th veteran hire on July 9, accomplishing its intended goal with over five months to spare.



Career Opportunities 

When you join the Averitt team, there's no telling how far you'll go. Because with multiple business units, hundreds of different positions and facilities across the U.S. to choose from, opportunities flourish. 

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GI Bill Driver Training Program

Averitt is proud to offer the GI Bill Driver Training Program. If you qualify for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you are eligible to get up to 12 monthly payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs while you receive on-the-job training with our regional or dedicated truck driving unit. Download more information about Averitt's GI Bill Driver Training Program here.



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