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We're going somewhere

Working at Averitt isn't about punching the clock. It's about working with people who trust you, serving people who depend on you, and getting home to people who love you. It's about investing in something big – for you, your family, and Averitt. That's been our attitude since we started in 1971, and it's why our culture feels truly different than anywhere else in the industry. You can ask any one of our many associates in 21 states all about it. Because at the end of the day, we know our driving force is people.

Less like coworkers, more like family

When you first start at Averitt, you'll notice you're stepping into a culture unlike anything you've seen before. That's because we have a huge team of people like you, who take their work, their goals, and each other seriously. People who celebrate your successes while being humble about their own. People who are constantly looking for ways to improve practice and innovate solutions. These are the kind of people who not only create a rich history, but also secure a bright future.

Look like the pro you are

A uniform means you're serious about your work. It means you stand for something bigger than yourself. We take our uniform seriously at Averitt, as a symbol of excellence to our customers and to others in the industry. And it doesn't go unnoticed. In fact, other drivers often ask us about driving for Averitt based solely on our professional appearance. And our customers frequently express their appreciation for handling their freight with the professionalism that comes with a uniformed appearance.

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Over 20 Team

One major way we measure the strength of our culture is by recognizing how many associates who work here and want to stay here. That’s why we’re so proud of our Over 20 Team, the group of 700+ associates who have been with Averitt for at least 20 years. We honor not only their commitment, but the way they enrich our culture by continually leading the way toward what lies ahead.


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